Health & Safety Update-Noro Virus in Children

Following reports of local Noro virus infections in children, we at Monsters wish to clarify our health and safety procedure and new policies which will be made effective immediately.

On top of stringent and strict cleaning and hygiene guidelines already in place at Monsters, a management decision to carry out a full and intensive cleaning procedure has been undertaken and, as a result, the soft play area was closed last week. We have now taken several steps to ensure that the possibility of contamination is kept to a minimum, including asking parents of children who have been ill or have experienced symptoms within the past 48 hours to consider the health and safety of other children and parents and keep their child at home until a period of 48 hours has passed.

We have hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the soft play area and we ask that parents ensure that both they and their children make use of this to protect themselves and the health of other visitors to the premises.

At Monsters, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness, attention to health and safety regulations and take all possible precautions to keep our staff, visitors and children safe. However, we do ask that parents and visitors to Monsters accept a share of the responsibility for the spreading of germs in children and make use of the hand sanitiser provided and take note of the 48-hour waiting period for children who have shown symptoms or who have been ill.

We hope that by working together with our visitors, we can contain the risk of Noro virus spreading between children at the centre and improve the health and safety of all local children as a result.

For further information on the Noro Virus please visit the NHS page here

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